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Workman’s Compensation


We spend a good portion of our time caring for patients who are within the workman’s compensation program in the state of Florida.   Toward this end, we understand the system and advocate on your behalf to provide you with the latest, most up to date treatments that will advance you to your highest potential.  Given the fact that we have a dedicated nurse practitioner acting as a liaison between our patients and the WC adjustors/nurse case managers, we are able to expedite you through the system in an efficient manner.   In our office, there is someone available to speak with you about your workman’s compensation claim when you need it.

WC Adjustors and Nurse Case Managers

We are honored to see your patients.  We pride ourselves in offering a comprehensive evaluation and plan of care that is representative of the patients state of being.  Our goal is to return our patient’s back to work in the safest and most timely manner.  Toward this end, our evaluations are extraordinarily thorough with a resulting plan of care that is not only comprehensive but individualized to our patient’s specific needs.  We return our DWC25, office notes and orders within 24 – 48 hours of the patient’s visit.  Our nurse practitioner is available to speak to you when needed and is easily accessible for peer to peer reviews.

WC Attorneys

We frequently participate in Independent Medical Evaluations; Chart Reviews, Phone conferences, and In person conferences.  Please call our office for our fee schedule.

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