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Workman’s Compensation

Workers Compensation and Personal Injury

We are happy to offer care to Personal Injury Patients via attorney referral (Florida claims only) as well as Worker’s Compensation Patients (Florida claims only).  Our office is uniquely prepared to care for Workers Compensation (WC) Patients as well as Personal Injury (PI) patients.  We are well versed with many years of experience in the Florida’s workers compensation system and work closely with attorneys for both workers compensation and personal injury.  We are often nominated to provide Expert Medical Opinions (EMO) for the court and regularly perform Independent Medical Exams (IME).  We pride ourselves in our ability to give a nonbiased assessment, medical examination and treatment plan for each individual.    We have been told by many of our patients and the attorney’s they work with, that they feel we provided them with an extensive and comprehensive examination and treatment plan.  They often verbalize to us that we take into account the totality of their injury and previous treatments, and that their situation has finally been heard and addressed to their satisfaction.    For more information regarding worker’s comp or personal injury claims, fees or to schedule an appointment, please contact our office.

Attorneys, Adjustors and Case Managers

Once we have processed a referral, our goal is to have the patient evaluated within days, not weeks.  Our turnaround of medical records is typically within a 24-48 hour work day timespan.

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